Pilot Flight Instruction's Mutual Interest Matching System
Pilot Flight Instruction was designed to make it as easy as possible to match students to schools and/or instructors.

How you rate other's profiles:

After you create your account, you'll see a "level of interest" rating bar on each profile you review. At any time while reviewing a full profile or profiles in a search result's "list view," you can click on the rating bar to indicate your level of interest in that member.

If you rate a member as priority, an entry is automatically added to your "priority list" and that person is notified via e-mail that you have added them to your priority list. When the member logs into the system, a list of all members who have expressed interest is displayed.

If you rate a member as interested, an entry is automatically added to your "interest list" and that person is notified the next time they log in that you have expressed interest.

If you rate a member as no interest, no entry is made in any of your lists. The rating is saved, and will be visible to you if you view that listing in a search or review profile mode. If another member whom you have rated as not interested later adds you to their priority list, it will appear in their priority list with a "no interest" caption and you will not receive a notification that they added you to their priority list.

When others rate your profile:

After logging in to Pilot-Flight-Instruction using your user ID and passcode, you will see a list of members who have indicated an interest in you. The ratings are grouped by level of interest; priority and interested. As you review profiles, rate your level of interest in each. You can also write email to the member directly from each profile listing. When you rate your level of interest, that member is notified through their priority list of your response.

It's important to remember that the "level of interest" ratings display only other member's current level of interest in your profile as it has been posted.

You can change your ratings

You can change the rating for a profile at any time, and the change takes effect immediately. You can "downgrade" or "upgrade" your level of interest in another member after a correspondence, a phone call, or a meeting.

First impressions can be misleading, especially online, where the visual and body language cues we usually use to evaluate a person are limited or absent. It's not possible to understand a person just by a picture, a few descriptive paragraphs and a short CV. Use the low rating with care, because you will not be notified if someone rates you priority and you have already rated them as no interest.

No one other than you and the other person will ever have access to your mutual ratings.

There are other systems on the Internet that allow you to post a picture and get "rated" by others. The aggregate, or average, rating is then visible to you and to other people on the system, with people who get the highest rating on "top 10" lists. Pilot-Flight-Instruction's rating system has nothing in common with those systems - your aggregate rating is not visible to others, this is not a popularity contest. This system is designed to help match students to flight schools or instructors. The rating is intended to be meaningful only to you and the other person you desire to express an interest in, before initiating a correspondence.

If you have other questions, please visit our FAQ.